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Chak De Vs Lagaan

hello friends!!

chak de vrs Lagaan


It’s not comparison between two movies both the movies are great at there place its comparison of two games. One is hockey that is our national game and one is cricket that we have adopted from British.

Before starting the discussion on my topic I have one questions for all of us.

Don't worry. You all knows the answer.

What is the national sport of India?

Yes, we all know its Hockey....

Who is the captain of Indian hockey team? (sandeep Singh yr 2009)

No one or very few people have answer even I did not know few days ago.

If I ask who is Indian cricket team captain?

Everyone is having answer. Even we know list of all the cricket team players.

But not a single player of Indian hockey team which is our national game.

Why is so?

I think cricket is more popular because of its publicity, the game is easy to play and its easy because

Everyone knows the game, however hockey is not well know game to us.

In our country there are very few schools are promoting hockey. Hockey can not be played as gallee cricket to make it popular. Its require huge ground where as we can start to paly cricket anywhere.

People thinks Cricket is more interested Game than hockey.

How we can say like this without knowing anything about hockey.

We should start to get information about our nation game we need to discuss more and more about the game. Our school and colleges needs to motivate students to play the game can arrange Hockey tournament for there students. Our media which is busy to show masala news can paly very important role to make the game popular. We all can start campaign to save our national game.

More than 95 % are self motivated ambassador of Cricket and very few are for hockey.

Take the hockey stick and say Chak de india.

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aparaditya म्हणाले...

mitra khupach chan vatla ha lekh vachun... ekhadya goshtila kiti mahatva dyayache yacha vichar pratyekane karnyachi garaj nirman zali ahe..cinema, criket ani rajkaran yachya palikadehi jag ahe yachi kalpana lokanna yayala havi...karan ya 3goshtinchya mage lagun manus aplech nahi tar deshachehi nuksan karat asto...

tarunanni ya lekhatun kahi tari shiknyachi garaj ahe...


Binary Bandya म्हणाले...

मस्तच लिहिले आहेस
खरेच hockey ला महत्व दिलेच पाहिजे..
चक दे ....

अनामित म्हणाले...

Undoubtebly TRUE...It is very important to Promote other games then the Cricket.Surely adding to the National Pride/Medals..Games will generate lot of Employment to the peoples.
Keep posting such an articles..

प्रशांत शंकर ठाकुर म्हणाले...

Abhari ahe